Palmwood Book Box of 35 Mineral Specimens from Democratic Republic of Congo


A superb collection of 35 mineral specimens that were collected from different mine sites in the Democratic Republic of Congo by the minerologist called in to assess the sites and then had this book form display box made in solid Palmwood. The box is in lovely condition with only minor oxidisation to one hinge, the specimens are all in their individual compartments sat on cotton wadding and then a sheet of glass over that. There is no lock or key. The mine sites that these were collected from are Kipushi Mine which is an underground mine mainly for copper and zinc, M’sesa Mine which was a copper mine and then abandoned in the 1970’s, Kambova Mine which is also a copper mine, Kambolela Mine which is a Copper and Cobalt mine, Kamoto Mine which is an underground Copper and Colbalt mine, Shinkolobwe Mine which is a radium and uranium mine and now closed(this mine is the one that supplied the Uranium for the nuclear bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima due to the ores 80% purity), Likasi Mine which was for copper and gold, Tantara Mine was a copper mine, Musonoi Mine was an open cut mine mainly for copper, Dikulushi Mine was mainly a copper and silver mine, Luishia Mine as an open pit copper and cobalt mine, Kalabi Mine is also a copper mine, Changulowe Mine is another open copper mine, Katonto Mine is a limestone quarry, Fungurume Mine is one of the largest copper and cobalt mines in the world, Kasekelesa Mine is another of the DRC copper mines. The names in the box are all in French but the ones I can decipher are below: 1- Chalcocite 2- Sel Rose 3- Fiberous Malachite 4- Cuprite Tenorite 5- Quartz Crystalline 6- Calcite + Malachite 7- Uranophane 8- Ankerite 9- Katangite 10- Renierite 11- Molybdenite + Mispickel 12- Chrysocolla 13- Dolomite 14- Olygiste 15- Cuprosklodowskite 16- Psudeo Malachite 17- Chalcopyrite 18- Malachite 19- Lode Uranium 20- Zincocalcite 21- Geothite 22- Shuttuckite 23- Azurite 24- Smithsonite 25- Pyrolusite 26- Sperocobaltite 27- Uranyl Hydroxide 28- Carrollite 29- Native Copper 30- Gypsum 31- Feldspathic + Quartz Fildie 32- Uraninite 33- Blende Noire 34- Anhydrite 35- Malachite Zaire.

DIMENSIONS H 2.37 in. x W 14.18 in. x D 10.83 in.H 6 cm x W 36 cm x D 27.5 cm


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  • Specimens,
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