Large Humpback Whale Sculpture on Bog Yew Log


This is a beautiful large solid wood carved Humpback whale sculpture that has gained a silvery grey colour from years of weathering. Humpback Whales are one of the most distinctive species of Whale growing up to 16 meters in length and weighing up to 30 tons. They are the most conscientious creatures in the ocean and are often found to be protecting not just other whales but other species from predators and putting themselves in harms way between the predator and prey. The carving is detailed and gives this carving character and presence it has then been mounted on a solid Irish bog yew log, extracted from the peat bogs. Bog yew is approx 5 to 7 thousand years old and is protected from decay and rot by the acidic and anaerobic conditions of the bog, these conditions also harden the timber and give it very warm colour tones throughout. The Whale and the Bog Yew are connected via a hand shaped antique brass rod that enables the Whale to be suspended in a variety of positions.

DIMENSIONS: H 46 cm x W 78 cm x D 23 cm


  • Sculpture,
  • Humpback Ocean,
  • Interior Design,
  • Coastal Living,
  • Beach House