Tall bespoke wine rack from select slab of Cedar of Lebanon


A very nice bespoke wine display rack from a solid feature slab of Cedar of Lebanon. I sourced this very decorative slab of cedar as I wanted one that had bark inclusions and captive hollows within timber, once I found the right piece I then chose the layout for best effect for the bottle to stand in. It has been kept as a natural edge slab and as such does have quirks and follows the profile of the tree from which it was cut, has had a bit of wood wasp in it from before it was processed and rather than fill this I choose to keep it as it is as that was part of its living history. The finish is a clear polish to highlight the natural colour.

It is 5cm thick by 2.45m tall and 92cm wide.


  • Country House
  • Wine
  • Restuarant
  • Wine Bar