A 19thC Ship ‘CREWS’ Food Storage Barrel


This is a lovely original rustic oak and iron bound barrel that was converted in the 19th century to be a storage container for the crews food, it is written on the sides of the barrel from various periods.  One is in white ‘CREWS’ with some numbers and the other is in black also saying ‘CREWS’ . This sort of barrel was for use on Galleons or Sail Ships. It has 3 of the original iron bands there whilst three are missing, the whole barrel is solid and tight and ready to use for whatever purpose you choose. It has had lots of running repairs over the years, most notably the change of one of the hinges but this has been left there as its a nice honest rustic repair.

While a few of the more fancy teak and brass bound officers dried and salted meat barrels can be found these crews ones are scarce as they generally were just disposed when broken.


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