19thC Fitted Colonial Camphorwood Campaign Cabinet


A superb 19thC colonial campaign cabinet in solid camphorwood. It has a very nice patina to the finish and has mellowed over time to a warm nutty brown colour.
The inside has removable camphorwood campaign drawer units that are iron bound with their own iron handles to the sides, not entirely sure if these are original to the cabinets but they are a good snug fit and are of the same period with great colour and age.

The cabinets are two sections that stack on top of one another with the bottom one being on later replacement bracket feet. All of the joints are dovetailed and all doors swing well, the two locking doors do required a small bit of push to lock due to shrinkage over the years. The insides of the doors have smiley faced carved into them, this is not decoration but to fit the handles from the interiors when closed.

The cabinet in total measures 131cm high by 103.5cm wide and 46cm deep.


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