19th Century Adjustable Leather Armchair


This is a large grand 19th century fully adjustable armchair that has been fully reupholstered in Connolly leather. Connolly leather supply amongst others Aston Martin. The back on the chair reclines with the use of a very unique winding mechanism that is turned with a handle in the form of a ships captains wheel. Then the handle is turned it then winds the thread underneath which in turn raises or lowers the chain links that hold the back in position. The arms open with the use of a brass latch to the side of each arm, these arms fold all the way back if required. From under the front the foot rest slides out and ratchets to whichever level and angle is best suited to your comfort. Once finished the ratchets are lifted so that the foot rest goes down and then it is stowed back underneath out of the way.

There are a couple of very minor inclusion marks in the leather that more than likely are from when the animal was cut of punctured during its life. The chair is heavy and sits on 4 quality 19thC cast iron casts that enable it to be moved around easily.

Due to a combination of the leather used, the depth of the seat pad, the depth of the back padding and the quality of the springing in both of those this is easily one of the most comfortable chairs I have ever come across.

When all up and folded away it measures 91cm deep by 78cm wide by 107cm high and the seat being 44cm high.


  • Luxury Seating,
  • Interior Designers,
  • Extreme Comfort,
  • Country House